How To Apply Blue Eyeshadow Like A Pro

By admin | March 20, 2019

Be it the red carpet or runway, blue eyeshadow looks never fail to bring you under the spotlight. However, you need to be especially cautious while applying the same as one wrong move can lead to disastrous results.

Steps Of Applying Blue Eyeshadow

Start By Concealing

You can hydrate your eye area by applying an eye cream which can take care of the dry patches which can crop up in the aftermath of concealer application. This has to be followed with a full coverage concealer which can create a flawless base by concealing all dark circles. You can prevent further creasing of the product by setting the concealer using a compact powder.

eye concealing

Applying Base Eye Shadow

A matte medium-brown shadow can act as a transitional shade for imparting greater definition to the creased areas. These areas are easily located every time your eyes flung open and you can create the perfect illusion by applying brown shadow and highlighting the crease area.

Apply The Black Eye Pencil

You can opt for a creamy black eye pencil to line the inner and outer most eye corner and connect it both. Now you will have to blend the same making small circular strokes for a more natural look.

This step does not need to be very neat as the black color is smudged later on. It is advisable to opt for a creamy formula in this regard as that helps immensely with the blending task

Applying The Blue Eyeshadow

You can pick up the matte finish blue shade using a wet brush and pat it gently over your eyelids. Herein you can define the creases once again using a matte brown shade. The edges need to be softened enough for imparting a smooth blue eyeshadow look.

You can also line the outmost corner of your eyelids using some black eyeshadow. This can make your eye makeup look exquisite by adding greater dimension to the same. Next you will have to wet a flat eyeshadow brush for applying dark blue eyeshadow with sheer finish all over your eyelid.

Now you will have to define your crease area with matte medium brown eyeshadow. However, you need to be cautious about softening the outer edges of your dark blue shade along with the matte brown one to create a seamless look.

Blending Is The Key

You can add matte black eyeshadow for blue eyes at the outermost corner to impart more dimension for a sultry look. The black eyeshadow shall have to be pushed to the outer corner of your eye and blended with the brown and dark blue shades using a fluffy brush.

You can finish off the look by applying some shimmery highlighter shade on the brow bone and tear ducts for creating an illusion of bigger eyes. The same shade of dark blue metallic eyeshadow can also be applied on the lower lash line for maintain the overall balance of your makeup.

Excessive blending can taper down the intensity of these metallic hues. In such a case, you can reapply it one again before curling your eyelashes and coating it generously with mascara. This can help in imparting a thicker lash effect while the black eye pencil defines your blue eyeshadow look.

Things To Keep In Mind While Wearing Blue Eyeshadow

  • Excessive application of blue shadow can spoil your entire look. You should thus never match this shade with the color of your outfits.
  • It is advisable to opt for matte blues in comparison to shiny and glittery ones as the later might not blend in well with all your outfits.
  • Your need to keep your blue eyeshadow palette utterly simple for bringing down chances of confusion as well as errors.
  • These eyeshadows in shades of blue can be mixed up with grey, taupe, nude, black and navy hues for versatile blue eyeshadow looks.
  • These blue shades should be paired up with lighter lip colors as darker ones will shift focus from the hard work you had done for nailing your eye makeup.
  • Your eye makeup routine needs to start with the application of primer which can prevent the blue shade from turning into purple. This will also ensure that the shadow stays put on your lid for longer.
  • It is also advisable to use two different brush set while applying the blue eyeshadow. This prevents merging of base and blue shades to maintain a clean look.  


Bright eyeshadow like corals, pink and reds might not cater to your taste at all times. This is when the shade of electric blue can come to your rescue for creating a captivating look. Blue eyeshadow can add to the depth of your eyes by making them exceptionally sexy whether you wear it at evening parties or weddings.