Channel Out Vintage Fashion With 11 Expert Tips

By admin | August 30, 2018

Vintage shopping can turn out to be one of the greatest pleasures of life for fashion aficionados around the globe. Only a very few things can live up to the sheer excitement of unearthing a mesmerising piece belonging to a completely different era. However, doing it in the right manner can prove out to extremely tricky and overwhelming. You need to clear an array of doubts regarding the point of distinction between simply used clothing and real-deal vintage garments as well as decide upon the pieces which will be worth shelling out if you decide to go vintage shopping. Here are a few tips which might help you out in such a case.

    • First off all you will have to understand the difference in between thrift and vintage as that is what sets regal clothing apart from the petty used ones. Also, you can get your hands on some great vintage products in thrift stores although the opposite might not always hold true. Vintage women’s clothing refers to something which has stood the test of time by proving its relevancy for various reasons ranging from historical or cultural significance to quality, timelessness of style and interesting provenance. Vintage womens clothingSaw-toothed edges which is also known as pinked seams, side-snap closures, union labels printed in blue and metal zippers are some of the unique attributes of garments which had been manufactured before mid-60s.
    • When it comes to vintage hunting, as a rookie you should always keep it simple and classy with a 1960s’ little black dress or 1950s’ beaded cardigan. Such timeless choices can surely serve you well as you can wear it over and over again without fearing about the same getting lacklustre.
    • For ensuring the correct fit of vintage women’s clothing, you will have to primarily get into the right piece of undergarments. Although sizing of dresses has undergone a significant facelift over years, it is nothing in comparison to the paradigm alteration of the undergarment hemisphere. Every 20th century era has a distinct silhouette requiring the backing of specific shape-shifting garments ranging from corsets to bullet bras to girdles and many more. Thus, it is imperative to wear an appropriate undergarment which shall be in sync with your garment since a specific vintage wear might not look the same without a specific undergarment.
    • It is easiest to shop from eras which are the ones closest to now as you can have greater variety to take your pick from. It’s always simpler to fit into a contemporary wardrobe belonging to eras from the later part of 20th century, i.e. 1960s onwards. You stand at high risk of looking like a costume drama character if you wear pieces from ancient times without blending it properly with your personal style.
    • Coming to the price parameter, some of the high-end vintage accessory or garments might cost you as much or even more that a current couture making it tricky to take the final choice of opting for something pre-owned over a brand new one. But at the end of the day, fashion stalwarts have a certain belief on the quality of higher-end vintage pieces. They are usually much more durable with greater attention directed towards detailing and handwork which is difficult to find in contemporary fashion. Your chances of turning heads at a party also accentuates as there are hardly much chances of any other girl channelling the same vintage wear or accessory.

  • Before splurging out your kitty, it is imperative to do adequate research on vintage women’s clothing. You need to understand which eras look best on you, how to spot condition issues and the real worth of a garment before you decide to jump in. You need to be well versed on designers, couture and detail so that you get to know how to identify and recognize signs for making a valuable addition to your closet. You can talk to local vintage dealers or those running local high-end vintage stores to gather more knowledge on this subject matter.

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  • If you fall head over heels in love with a timeless gown which doesn’t quite fit you well, then you can ask your tailor to nip and tuck it at places. Surely when you can spend a fortune on bringing home the vintage beauty, splurging some extra dollars won’t create much of an issue if it gets tailored properly to your body. Investing anything in between 20-30$ for having the waist slightly taken in or cuffs shortened can transform your entire look from being frumpy to tailor-made. Then there are certain vintage women’s clothing which cannot be altered at all, making it imperative to be aware of your body’s proportions beforehand. There is no point in bringing home a coat which is too short or long-waisted if it does not fit your frame in spite of being crafted with an irresistibly plush fabric.
  • Vintage women’s clothing has the tendency of becoming brittle given its ancient age. It can be extremely heart-breaking if your investment ends up being just a one-time wear. Thus, it is imperative to touch the clothing for ensuring it still has got life left and the fabric is in good condition.
  • Pesky dry cleaning bags which we make use of for hanging our clothes can prove to be highly detrimental for vintage pieces since it doesn’t allow the fabric to breathe causing deterioration or even mildew growth.Vintage Fashion Tips
  • You need to decide on the venue where you wish to strike your vintage clothing deal. It might either be the shabby ones in less cosmopolitan cities where chances of things being picked over are less or thrift stores in ritzy zip-codes. Shopping online can also serve you right as the prices are always slashed down by 40-50% when compared to the high-end boutiques.
  • Certain vintage women’s clothing boutiques have a strict no-return policy making it essential to examine the garments prior to making a purchase. Try to check it out in natural light since that might reveal flaws which a dimmer light never could. Give special care while looking at the buttons, linings and seams.

Every girl needs to have some vintage goodies for that extra dash of sparkle in an otherwise ordinary wardrobe. The insider tips listed out for you regarding how to score a brownie point with vintage shopping is bound to have your back as you stroll down grubby shops and flea markets for finding the perfect vintage women’s clothing to accentuate your look.