Clothes And Accessories, You Must Have In Your Wardrobe This New Year

By admin | June 14, 2018

The fashion game changes every year. Colours, prints and textures that once made you look like a fierce fashionista might now make you look like a clown. We don’t want that to happen. Rather than stuffing your wardrobe with clothes that you’re never going to use or buying outfits just because your bestie did is not a very good idea. You need to buy clothes that will make you feel comfortable and help you look attractive. This article will be your guide at this difficult hour of deciding what to keep in your wardrobe, what is it you need to add and what you must immediately throw out. Sit back, read and learn.

Start with shoes

These essentials are extremely needed to create the foundation of a fashionista. You must have these.On Clothing And Accessories

Sexy and Glam Stilettos

These shoes might be a bit tough to carry but they are a must-have. They will give every girl the much-needed look and work on your posture. It is sensuous, sexy and speaks volumes about your fashion sense. Have a pair of bold red. It can be in wine or cherry shade. You must have a pair of leopard-printed stilettos. For your everyday office look have a pair of neutral or nude coloured ankle-strap stilettos.

The Stunning Wedge-Heels

These heels will not only give you a cosmopolitan and sexy look but also keep you steady. There are fewer chances of you staggering in these. Have a pair of rosewood/punch/rouge coloured pink wedge heels.

The Seductive and Sexy Boots

Even though these shoes might border on the men’s territory, they give every girl the perfect balance and blend of masculinity and sexiness. Have a pair of boots both in flats and heels. They go great with every outfit. Dresses, skirts, trousers and shorts. The perfect colours for boots are chocolate brown, suede, tan, black and neutral.

The essentials for every girl: Ballerinas

Be it a party, day-to-day need or office. You can wear a pair of pointed ballerinas. They look great and don’t hurt your feet like heels. Have these shades which are now trending. Neon, Bold, Neutral, Leopard-print. You can even have a pair of ankle-strap bellies.

If you want to add a statement to your bland outfit or make an entrance at a party. Wear a pair of glitter bellies.List Of Clothes And Accessories

Comfy and Stylish – Sneakers

They not only coax your feet but give you a casual and sporty look. A pair of white sneakers with brown border will look great with every outfit.

Talking about essential clothes to build the foundation of your wardrobe

  • Start with layers. They are extremely crucial to gain full marks on the sexy chart. Beige or lilac coloured cardigans with belts. A well-fitted cropped blazer. A leather jacket in suede, black or tan.
  • Tees for everyday need. As much as you need them for comfort. They will give you the sexy and casual look. A cropped white tee shirt. Also, have one in black and stripes.
  • Jeans and Trousers for every look. Next in line is a pair of denim. A well-fitted pair of shorts or ankle-length jeans. They can be ripped, faded, flared or of dark shade. A well-fitted pair of tailored trousers in beige or lilac. A woman needs to bag the powerful and classy look for her office.
  • Dresses to bring out the sensuous and sassy woman in you. Your wardrobe needs a red cocktail dress. You will be in the limelight with a crimson or blood red dress. Another colour you need is black. Head out to the office party or any social gathering in your little, sexy and sensuous black dress. Don’t forget to add a layer. Wear a jacket with faux fur and you will look enchanting.

Next comes the right accessories. Your everyday or party look needs a touch of aura and magic. This can be added with the right accessories.

  • Belts. Have a brown belt in both broad and slim size. They go great with dresses, cardigans and skirts.
  • Scarves. Another powerful piece of accessory. A printed scarf will do everything for you to make you look chic and sassy.
  • Studs. A pair of studs in gold. They will look great with almost every outfit.

Head out of your house looking like a fashionista. Wear clothes that make you comfortable and you’ll be all ready to rock.Cheap Clothes And Accessories Online Clothes And Accessories Online Shopping Clothes And Accessories Online Clothes And Accessories Sites