Learn The Art Of Dressing Up With These Combinations Of Clothes And Accessories.

By admin | July 3, 2018

Experimenting with a combination of colours, textures, tones, patterns, designs can be a bit unnerving. That doesn’t really mean you’re bound to wear clothes and accessories that have zero appeal and style statement in them. You must let go of your inhibitions and anxieties and finally sit back and learn the art of dressing up. It is not something for which you’ve to sweat bullets just go with the flow and you will look like an eye-candy.

Let’s start with what works with polka dots.

Patterns have made their comeback in fashion and now they have ended up ruling it. Choose a sleeveless A-line dress that has polka dots made all over it. combinations of clothe and accessoriesYou must match this blue polka dot dress with a stunning lemon yellow jacket. This shall bring the contrast in colour. The blend of patterns and bold shade will go well. Put on your pumps in red. If you have accessories in mind then put on your jewellery that brings out the dots in your dress. A pearl necklace or some dangling earrings will do the trick here. If you need to add a statement to your casual look carry a clutch bag.

Play with different tones.

How about working with different tones. A pastel shade and a vibrant neon colour are what we are suggesting. A casual and formal look will turn fun and interesting when you add a splash of bright colour to it. An ash-grey shift dress is what you will pick. Accessorize it with a broad-buckled belt in the tangerine shade of orange. You can wear dangling earrings in the same tone. Your need of a bag can be met by using a beige-coloured handbag. Peep-toe pointed pumps are back in trend and will pair up well with this attire. Choose the same shade of orange for your pumps as well.

Clothes that are vibrant.

There can’t be anything better than the smell of freshly mowed grass. Green and yellow are shades that soothe our eyes. Put on your yellow tee-shirt and pair it with a pair of navy blue skinny fit jeans. Choose green pumps with this casual look to make it look chic and attractive. You can pull off this look with some beaded bracelets in beige.

Look bold and beautiful.

It’s time now to look sassy and sensuous. Pick up ruby or blood red overcoat to go with your fossil grey turtleneck. A pair of well-fitted blue denim and red stilettos will create the enchanting look you desire. You can put studs on your ears.

Choose elegance and class.

A combination that beats any other. Nothing better than the exquisite blend of turquoise and blue. Wear a dress in Persian blue shade and match it up with a pair of sandals in turquoise. Nobody can prevent you from looking breathtaking. Put on a funky necklace with this outfit. Some colour on your lips and cheeks and you will be all set to rock.

Pick up tan and maroon.

We have picked that are poles apart from each other in tone and texture. This is the reason a dull and monotonous shade will look great with a rich colour. Wear your favourite cowl-neck top in the tan shade. It should have a slim fit. Always remember clothes that fit well look great. Tuck this top under a tube skirt. It must be of the deep maroon shade. Put on your pointed bellies in beige and you can carry a purse in animal print.

Stick to shades that will never go wrong.

One combination of shades that will never go wrong is the classic duo of pink and blue. A cropped porpoise grey shade of top matches well with a tailored fit pair of trousers. Choose a lemonade shade of pink for your trousers.

You can choose steel grey shade of bellies. Choose pointed bellies over rounded ones as they make your feet look sleek and elegant. A shade of gold will look good here as well. You can wear a bangle or handcuff in a golden shade. A simple chain might suffice.

The power to look great lies in your hands. It isn’t a nerve-wracking thing to dress up in clothes and accessories that look like a match made in heaven. This article will help you out in your time of despair and you’ll look nothing less than a Greek Goddess. So, enjoy all the fame and look divine.art of dressing up combination of clothes and accessories