Love To The Use Different Cosmetic Products? You Ought To Know These Things

By admin | July 7, 2018

Cosmetic is something which women cannot resist. These are the chemical products which undoubtedly has the benefit of making you look attractive and appealing in just a few minutes. They offer a lot of advantages like giving a beautiful look, boosting self-confidence, covering dark spots, blemishes, and pimples to provide a better appearance. But there is nothing called a free lunch and everything comes at a price with some cons. Cosmetic products too have some disadvantages more than what you might have thought of.

Read the article to know about the disadvantages your cosmetic products can have and the harm it can cause to your natural skin and then choose wisely…harmful cosmetic products

1. Skin infection

After using cosmetic products, a person might start to feel the irritation and suffer from allergies if the product doesn’t suit their skin. It is not only irritating but painful too. Infection might be due to certain hormonal changes but it is generally because of the chemicals in the products being used. It is visible in the form of red spots and should be taken due care of.

2. Might cause acne, blemishes, and pimples

Cosmetics are used to hide acne, blemishes, and pimples but it might react the other way even leading to problems like Dermatitis if the skin of a person does not have enough tolerance to the chemicals in the products being used.

To avoid this, you should use the products which are non-comedogenic which prevent the clogging of pores thereby reducing the oil and pimple formation.

3. Damage to the internal organs

Do you think that whatever effect the make up has is only to the top layer if the skin as it is being applied there? If you think so you are being mistaken. Although it is the superficial application the numerous pores which are there on the skin let the chemicals to seep deep in and flow to the bloodstream thereby affecting the internal organs and damaging them.

4. Early signs of ageing

Cosmetic products are used to hide the age and look younger but its excessive use can cause early aging and you might start to see wrinkles and fine lines at a very young and early age.

5. May cause Skin cancer

disadvantages of cosmetic productsThis is the worst disadvantage of using a cosmetic product. Some chemicals are so harmful that they can lead to the deadly disease of skin cancer. Chemicals like mercury and parabens which are used as a preservative in many products can cause cancer by triggering the growth of cancer cells instead of inhibiting bacteria. Certain products like hair dyes, talc, nail polish, perfumes contain artificial colors and other chemicals which might not suit everyone and lead to serious infections and problems.

6. Damage to the nervous system

Chemicals like lead, neurotoxin, carcinogen etc. which are contained in products like Kajal, lipsticks, eyeshadows can adversely affect the nervous system and result in problems like high blood pressure and other abnormalities.

7. Cause eye problems

Eye products like Mascara and Kajal are used to make your eyes look more beautiful but you might have seen people complaining of problems such as swelling, itching, and thinning or the loss eyelashes. It is a result of the excessive usage of cosmetic products like Mascara, Kajal which contain a lot of chemicals which is of course not good for the eyes.

8. Not good for the pocket

These products are very expensive due to which people generally make a mistake of switching from a branded to local less expensive products. But remember that being costly also doesn’t guarantee quality. Do not let the psychological actors force you to buy and use these products.

Now that you know the disadvantages the cosmetic products have, you might want to think the next time before applying a product. There is no harm in using certain products but to a specific limit. Check for the expiry date of the products and use them as less as possible and only when required. Instead one can go for other alternatives which are natural and available near you and are harmless to use. Think about it and then decide after all it is about your skin and it matters. Make a decision that you don’t want to regret later!