Makeup Tips For Women Over 50 To Look Young Forever

By admin | March 11, 2019

There’s nothing wrong in accepting the natural aging process of our skin which can take the shape of wrinkles, fine lines, and even uneven skin tone. But our irresistible lust for youth makes us seek out beauty products and makeup tricks which can reverse this natural process or at least stall the same for some time.

Although these tips cannot permanently roll back the natural clock, it can definitely add up to your radiant glow and make you look fresh even when you have worked whole night for finishing your office presentation. Today we are going to take you through some makeup tips for women over 50 which can make a huge difference in your ultimate look.

Beauty mavericks swear by a thoroughly laid-out skincare routine to prepare your skin adequately for applying the remaining makeup. A nourishing skincare routine can hydrate your skin from within and keep it buffered from falling prey to the cakey foundation.

older women makeup tips

A rich anti-aging cream needs to be applied every day prior to night-time when the skin conducts its rejuvenation drill. Daily application of this cream can make your skin feel plumper and smoothen out the appearance of all wrinkles and fine lines.

According to makeup tips for older women, you should start with your beauty routine by applying some tinted primer for dealing with uneven skin tone. Coming to the department of the foundation, lighter and dewier formulations are always preferable as they can make your skin look fresher and younger.

CC creams can cover all signs of redness and similar skin imperfections. It is thus ideal for being used by older women as it refines the skin texture by reducing the appearance of enlarged pores. It is advisable to opt for a CC cream having anti-aging benefits and infused with Vitamin E as well as SPF protection to act as a shield against further damage.

older woman makeup

Once you are done applying the CC cream, you can cater to your problem areas with a concealer which can render greater coverage. Makeup tips for women over 50 hints at the usage of concealers in covering dark under eye circles, thread veins as well as pigmentation.

Various concealers are tailor-made for covering blemishes and thus have a dry consistency. You need to opt for a dewy formula so that it does not accentuate your wrinkles rather than covering it up.

Cream or liquid formulation blushes can add a tinge of peach color to your cheeks much like your 20s. However, you need to be cautious about opting for only the ones which are devoid of any glitter or sparkle. Doing otherwise might cause the blusher to settle in your wrinkles and fine lines and lead to a haggard look.

makeup tips for older women

Pronounced cheekbones can draw attention to your eyes by lifting up your face. However, you need to go light with the highlighter so that you don’t end up looking overdone. Makeup tips for women over 50 suggest a subtle glow for a flattering look and feel to keep your back throughout the day.

According to makeup tips for older women, face powder can dry out your skin when used in excessive amounts post 50. It is thus advisable to dust a small amount of face powder on your T-zone for removing excess shine as well as on your eyelids to prevent the eyeshadow from creasing.

The shape of our eyes changes drastically with increasing age. Wrinkled skin around the eye and hooded eyelids can make the makeup application process an extremely challenging one. This is why makeup tips for women over 50 make it mandatory to steer clear from bright-hued shadows.

makeup tips for women over 50

Dark colors can make hooded eyes seem even smaller. As a safe alternative, you can proceed with a light colored shadow and finish the look with a thin line of eyeliner.

The fifties is not the time to reveal your wild and adventurous side with colored mascaras. You should stick to black hues having a volumizing effect on your lashes. As per makeup tips for older women, you can also add more depth to your eyes with the help of a tinted primer.

You should, however, start with your eye makeup by curling your lashes using an eyelash curler. It is also possible to attach some false lashes if you are losing your natural lashes coupled with growing age.

Alternatively, you can also bring home a lash enhancing serum for being used during night time to strengthen your lashes and buffer them from chances of frequent breakage.

older women makeup

Our brows tend to get thinner with increasing age. This is why you need to create the illusion of having a full brow with proper makeup to scrape years off your face. According to makeup tips for women over 50, it is advisable to use eye shadow in the place of the pencil as it is softer and has a more natural looking flair.

Women tend to develop a large number of fine lines around their mouth post 50. This can cause the lip color to bleed into the same. You can define your pout by dabbing some concealer around your lips and using a lip liner pencil for greater definition. As per makeup tips for women over 50, it is advisable to opt for a color which is similar to your natural lip color.

Moisturizing lipsticks or glosses do not feather or bleed into the fine lines surrounding your lips. It is thus advisable to invest in the same. While proceeding with color selection, you need to opt for lighter hues as that can make your lips appear fuller in comparison to its darker peers.


When it comes to makeup, no one likes spotting a plastered face. This becomes all the more evident in the case of ladies post 50 who seek out the assistance of makeup for accentuating their best features rather than hiding beneath its layers.

Makeup tips for older women also make it mandatory to exercise supreme caution while applying makeup as one wrong move can make you look older than what you actually are. So just keep it simple and rock the stage with your charismatic allure.