Packing For A Trip? The Basic Clothes And Accessories You Must Have In Your Trolley!

By admin | July 13, 2018

The thrill that comes while planning a trip to your favorite place or a new destination is beyond contemplation. Nevertheless, comes the responsibility to pack your essentials. Essentials for women can mean quite a lot of things and somehow that isn’t an easy task. You’re bound to carry light for your trip for reasons innumerable but the trick is to pack all that you’ll need and not bear any more weight. It isn’t a tough job to pack as light as a man and still look eye-catching.

Let this article guide you in packing light and break all stereotypes about how women always over pack.


Packing For TripYou need these, no matter what. Have you seen how you end up wearing the same clothes over and over again? Choose a tee shirt that you can’t do without. It can be a plain white or black tee. A striped one shall do too. So, make sure you pack a tee shirt that pairs well your  jeans.


A button-down shirt looks extremely sexy. Bordering on the men’s world it blends well with femininity. Pack at least one cotton shirt. It will be light and extremely easy to carry. They will come handy and you can wear it with your jeans or trousers.


You need to carry layer. It will make you look sexy and extremely alluring. But, layers can take up a lot of space in your trolley. You must pack smart. Carry one layer of woolen that will be easy to pack. You can even carry a cashmere or hand-knit sweater. It will keep you warm wherever you go if the temperature drops down


A pair of jeans or leggings is mandatory. You need one pair of either of it in dark shade so that you don’t have to wash it and can wear it all throughout your trip. Heavy leggings or jeans will even keep you warm.


This is an optional item. Pack it if you happen to be anywhere near a beach. A pair of denim shorts will look great with a round neck or V-neck tee shirt. A pair of shorts in cotton, in any bold shade, will look great too.


Yes, you need at least one dress. Go for something that can be worn without the hassle of ironing. You must carry dresses that can be worn over and over again. It mustn’t be any occasion specific dress. A sundress with floral patterns on it will look grand. It can be a wrap-on as well.Packing For A Trip


Pack socks. Spend some money on socks and buy a few pairs of socks in the woolen material. Wool is suggested because it will keep your feet cool and also prevent it from sweating. If you choose cotton socks they won’t dry easily and will absorb all the moisture from your sweaty feet making it stink. Choose good quality woolen socks that will keep your feet stink free and also regulate temperature.


Pack more of these. You will need quite a few sports bra. They are not only supportive but also end up drying quickly. They are great in case you have a lot of walking or trekking planned ahead. If you’re not planning on doing your laundry on a regular basis, carry a few pairs of underwear that will last your entire trip. We suggest thermal underwear in case you’re headed towards winter destination.


Carry two pairs of shoes. One being sneakers. Comfortable, casual and gives you the sporty look you’ve in mind. Avoid running shoes you’ll not be able to wear them with everything. Another pair of shoes is a pair of sandals. They will come handy in case you are in the mood to hit a pub or dress-up for an occasion.


The basic things you need to pair up with your clothes are summed up below.

  1. A funky necklace embedded with stones or gems: You will also need a simple chain with a delicate piece of pendant in it.
  2. A watch: Keep it simple and sassy with a round dial oversized men’s watch.
  3. A scarf: It is a must. It won’t take up any space and will add a splash of texture to your outfit.
  4. Earrings: Again, a must pack. A pair of studs and a pair of dangling, statement earrings.

Enjoy your trip without sweating about the amount of luggage you’ll have to carry to look fashionable while you’re out of home.