4 Different Ways To Put On ‘GLOSS’ & ‘Shine’ In Everyday’s Life!

By admin | November 29, 2017

When was the last time you used a Gloss? Long time, ago isn’t it? When Matte has become the talk of the city then why would one use the late 90s Gloss any how! Many of us don’t share a good bond with gloss! Many of us think that gloss fail to give an edgy look which Matte provides, contoured makeup can’t be done using Gloss! But recently the types of Gloss products that have hit the market break the old notion about Glosses. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Smoke it up – Till now you had been using Matte for giving yourself a Smokey eyes, but keep it away for a while & use Gloss instead. Let’s have a change of the look that we all have when we go for outings, next time you go for a party this Glossed Smokey eyes are bound to catch a lot of attention. As you finish giving your eyes a Smokey look, use a gloss that blends in with your dark eye shadows! Not only your eyes will look more Smoked up but also give a very seductive as well as a cool finish! Try it out the next time you’ve a party to attend.Contoured Makeup Sponge

2. Natural Effect – Instead of going with your regular contour makeup why not try contouring glossy make up! In the Glossy contouring make up the medium is mixed proportionately with moisturizer which gives a natural effect as it is placed on the cheek bones so that light reflects at it &gives you a natural look. Simple yet classy, isn’t it?

3. Nude lips – Using bright Matte colors till now? Why not go for nude shades that too with Gloss! Yes, you heard me right; one can manage to get nude lip make up with Gloss. One can very well use MAC’s lip gloss over lips & put on more layers to it to get an enhanced nude lips shade!

4. Lash gloss – What if the regular Mascara is used with gloss? Haven’t thought of it till now isn’t it? Well as regular mascara would only blacken your lashes using a coat of Eylure Brow Gloss will leave a transparent look on your lashes making it look all the longer & fuller! Great deal isn’t; able to get long as well as dark eyelashes!

So here are some tricks & tips on how one should apply gloss to look all classier& edgy at the end of the day! Don’t make a fuss over it while you are outing it on otherwise you’ll end up making a disaster. Fashion experts have made it quite clear that the old 90’s gloss is coming back in full force & form. And this time Gloss make up isn’t only for lips but also is ready to give you natural contours or transparent look on your eye lashes. So no more going out with only Matte but time to try out something really new & Glossy!

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