Cheap Jerseys  9 Best Eyeshadow Primer That Don't Budge

9 Best Eyeshadow Primer That Don't Budge

By admin | March 30, 2019

Eyeshadow primer can definitely be termed as one of the most underrated beauty products. Although it is something which most of us casually opt out from our makeup arsenal, the best eyeshadow primer has a big role to play in either making or breaking your ultimate eye makeup.

Today, we are going to take a look at some of the best drugstore eyeshadow primers which can usher in a whole new level of “wow” to your daily makeup routine.

COVERGIRL Lid Lock Up Eyeshadow Primer

If you are on the lookout for the best eyeshadow primer which can accentuate the intensity and longevity of your eyeshadow, then the CoverGirl Lid Lock Up Eyeshadow Primer can serve as your ultimate choice. It becomes extremely easy to apply this primer which has a quick-dry formula for guaranteeing crease-proof makeup throughout the day.

Clinique All About Shadow Primer For Eyes

You can adequately prepare your lids for the remaining shadow application coupled with this skin-toned primer. Its neutral base can render about 12 hours’ longevity to all eye shadow colors to keep your end makeup looking intense round the clock. You can easily take your pick from the four available shades ranging from fair to deep.

This ophthalmologist-tested best drugstore eyeshadow primer is appropriate for both contact lens wearers and ladies suffering from skin sensitivity. You can also wear this shadow primer singularly for nailing that wide-eyed look by minimizing all chances of discoloration and redness.

Sigma | Eyeshadow Base Primers

You can keep your eye shadow pigments in place with the best eyeshadow primer which can act as the ultimate nemesis of excess sebum excreted by your face. Its creamy formula having a pink-peach champagne hue and shimmery finish helps in accentuating the intensity of eye shadow colors.

It is advisable to blend in this eyeshadow primer with a makeup brush for a seamless final look. This fade, smudge, and water resistant eyeshadow primer can keep your eyeshadow game going strong over a stretch of 8 hours irrespective of your skin type or weather conditions.

You can even wear this primer by itself or use it as a highlighter. The accompanying pencil sharpener ensures that you get to exercise maximum precision through its easy twist-up pencil so that you can enjoy beautiful eye makeup for long.

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Base

You can create a smooth surface for applying the rest of your makeup coupled with the best drugstore eyeshadow primer by Bobbi Brown. This non-greasy and non-drying eye base ensure that all eyeshadow colors retain its true hue while maximizing its intensity level.

You can take your pick amongst a plethora of shades to match your skin tone. This versatile primer can also be of great help in fighting discoloration and redness to render a seamless look which holds on your eyeshadow over a stretch of eight hours.

NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Proof It! Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer

The waterproof and long-wearing best eyeshadow primer from the house of NYX cosmetics can intensify the color of your eye shadows. It smoothens all fine lines and wrinkles on your eyelid to create a smooth canvas for applying the remaining eye makeup.

The clear base of this affordable eyeshadow primer can cater to the requirements of makeup mavericks having different skin tones to ensure a smudge-proof and crease-free look throughout the day.

Yves Saint Laurent Couture Eye Primer

The ultra-creamy formula of this best drugstore eyeshadow primer by Yves Saint Laurent locks in color so that your eye-shadow stays buffered from getting creased throughout the day. It can keep your back over a stretch of 16 hours and can be worn either under a vibrant shade or solo.

theBalm Put A Lid On It Eyelid Primer

Just as the name suggests, Put A Lid On It – primer can help you in exercising supreme control over your eyeshadow. Its quick-drying formula can help you in nailing the boldest of looks with top-notch staying power.

This best eyeshadow primer is crafted using skin-smoothing ingredients which buffers your favorite shades from getting muted even after long spans of time. The versatile primer comes packed in an easy-to-squeeze tube dispensing the right amount of product which can both brighten and enhance your lids for creating timeless looks.

All you need to do is dab on some primer prior to applying your favorite eyeshadow and be stunned at its brilliant versatility as it fills in all wrinkles and fine lines to create a smooth canvas.

NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

The smudge-proof eyeshadow base by NARS cosmetics guarantees gorgeous and long-lasting eye makeup coupled with its unique blend of mineral powder and polymer. This versatile best drugstore eyeshadow primer is invigorated to the core by antioxidant rice and deep-sea extracts.

Such attributes ensure that the primer dries down immediately on coming in contact with your delicate eyelid so that you can apply the remaining eye makeup in a smooth fashion. The NARS Cosmetics Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base has been specially formulated to maximize the color intensity while preventing all chances of creasing.

The primer transforms to a matte finish on being applied over the eyelids to prepare your skin for the next stage of makeup application.


The best eyeshadow primer from Urban Decay can flatter an array of makeup looks and skin tones. Its iconic formula can keep excess skin oils at bay so that your eye makeup stays put throughout the day.


Can anything be more frustrating than your eyeshadow fading within just hours of its application! We bet not and that is why it becomes imperative to seek out the assistance of the best eyeshadow primers which can keep your entire look intact for long. These primers can intensify the color of your eyeshadow and control facial oils from wreaking havoc on your ultimate look.