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Best Korean Moisturizer For Glowing Skin

By admin | July 10, 2019

Most of the women across the globe admire the beauty of Korean women. Obviously, all of them want to know the secret of the radiant and clear skin of Korean women.

The skincare, both using natural way and cosmetic products is the main reason behind their flawless and glowing skin. So, if you want to achieve the glow like the Korean beauties, the best way is to use the K-products to get soft, smooth and gorgeous skin.

How can you skip Korean moisturizers in the list of K-skincare products?

Korean Moisturizer For Glowing Skin

Here, we have some of the best Korean moisturizers which you can think of when looking for the products to get glowing skin.

VJU Green Fantasy Facial Moisturizer Day And Night Cream

It is a day and night moisturizer that works great in revitalizing your skin by providing the essential hydration and moisture to it. It contains natural ingredients with high moisture contents such as Aloe Vera, cactuses and green tea extracts that work effectively in moisturized your skin deeply. This day and night cream has a mild fragrance and is extremely lightweight, also it is suitable for all skin types.

VJU Green Fantasy Facial Moisturizer Day And Night Cream

If winters are approaching, this moisturizer can become your best companion to keep your skin moisturized all day long. Also, being free from parabens, sulfate, artificial colors, and PABA, this best Korean moisturizer can be used without any skin irritation.

Laneige – Water Bank Essence

If you want a lightweight moisturizer that provides instant hydration, none can be compared with this product. It contains chestnut extracts and seaweed extracts as well as six ionized moisturizing minerals which all together work effectively in rejuvenating your skin and regulating the moisture level. In addition, it also helps in exfoliating dead skin cells, thus ensure to provide instant hydration to your dry and dull skin.

Laneige - Water Bank Essence

It can be used by women with different skin types and is suitable to use both day and night. It is highly capable of strengthening skin barrier for keeping it moisturized for long hours. So, give a relief to your dry skin areas well.

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion EX

It is a gentle moisturizing lotion which is widely used by the Korean women to moisturize their skin. It gives dewy and clear complexion as the benefit of its main ingredient, green tea. It keeps your skin hydrated by restoring the moisture loss of the skin and leaves it smooth all day long. The liquid-like texture of this best Korean moisturizer gets absorbed into your skin easily and instantly.

Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Lotion EX

The additional benefit, you will enjoy green tea scent when applying it on your skin, thus gives you a refreshing feel. It gives amazing results on combination skin type and keeps your oily T-zone under control. After its every application, your skin feels clean and fresh.

Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Moisturiser

If you have oily skin and looking for the best Korean moisturizer that prevents your skin from getting greasy or oilier, this moisturizer is formulated especially for people with oily skin. It hydrates your skin effectively without leaving it greasy. It controls the oil production and balances the moisture level into your skin without drying it out.

Dr. Belmeur Clarifying Moisturiser

It contains plant-based ingredients, including Chaga mushroom extract that helps in soothing and calming your skin. Being a perfect choice for oily skin, it is suitable for sensitive skin as well. It also protects your damaged skin as a result of the harmful external environment. For better results, it is recommended to use this daily moisturizing solution on a regular basis.

Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream

Do you have dry skin and planning to go on the vacation in the winters? You must have the best Korean moisturizer that keeps your dry skin hydrated and moisturized by giving the required protection from the harsh cold weather. This is what; this moisturizer from Innisfree will work for you. It is formulated with Jeju Orchid extracts that penetrate deeply and maintain the moisture level into your skin.

Innisfree Orchid Enriched Cream

It not only helps in recovering the natural density and firmness of the skin but also works effectively in reducing the wrinkles and fine lines. Simply get smooth, firmed, nourished and brighten skin by using it regularly. If your skin is extremely dry, you can apply two thin layers of this cream.

Mamonde Rose Water Gel Cream

If you love using rose water, then you will surely get in love with this lightweight gel moisturizer. It is formulated with Damask rose extracts that is highly efficient in soothing dry and irritated skin. It works by refilling the necessary hydration that your dry skin actually requires to maintain the skin’s moisture levels. Being extracted at low temperature and high pressure, rose water ensures to provide all benefits of this active ingredient.

Mamonde Rose Water Gel Cream

Use this moisturizing gel cream and get a soft, fresh and dewy complexion, which you always wanted from your skin.

Erborian Bamboo Creme Frappee

This gel-cream moisturizer not only works in hydrating your skin but also transforms your tired and dull skin into refreshed and energized looking skin. Being a lightweight cream, it is absorbed quickly, leaving your skin smooth and soft.

The main ingredients are bamboo sap and fibers that help in hydrating and locking the skin’s moisture, while others include ophipgo Japonicus root extract and Diospyros kaki leaf extract that leaves your skin calm and tighten pores as well.

Erborian Bamboo Creme Frappee

It is paraben-free and sulfate-free, which makes it an ideal product for sensitive skin.


Now, when you have the list of best Korean moisturizers to gain the glowing and flawless skin, you can get the ideal product that best suits your skin type.

Get ready to enjoy their benefits on your skin.