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Fashion Tips For Women Over 50 – A New Beginning!

By admin | October 11, 2017

The definition of fashion keeps changing from time to time. There are not set rules to be followed when you are inclined towards fashion and want to flaunt what is in trend. Therefore,be it 20s or the mighty 50s there is always something that works for you! However, the glaring lens always keeps on refocusing on what is new and trendy in Women clothing! With every new season comes a whole wardrobe of choice to make which breaks the stereotypes and shatters the thoughts. So, if you thought that you have only a set of attires to wear in your 50s and won’t be able to keep fashion statement high like always – You’ll be surprised!

So, if you have just hit your fifties and aren’t aware of the dressing choices you shall me making now. Here are a few tips that you might want to consider before going shopping!Fashion Tips For Over 50

1. Wear the Denim!

People often reserve to quitting denims when they hit 40s or 50s. The sheer reason for this is the acclamation that comes from people around. But when you love denims, are comfortable in it and would anyday prefer it over anything else – then why give it a miss! Women over 50s can easily opt for dark colored denims, denim clothing for curvy ladies etc which have mid-rise o straight leg to get that comfort and style together. Pair it with a simple blouse and you are good to go!

2. Jackets all the way!

Jackets or blazers make one look more composed and comfortable. It is always like a little shield around which makes the most statement. Blazers, coats or jackets of the length hitting your hips are best to carry at the 50s. You can buy some in black (all time best!), creams, and navy blue or even in browns to experiment with different looks. Wear them with denims, formals, dresses – everything goes well!

3. Pencil skirts

The most stylish and versatile outfit you can wear at this age! Pencil skirts of about the length of your knees with a little stretchable fabric work best for your comfort. Make sure that they drape right without being too tight for you. You can easily pair it with boots, tights, blouses, shirts etc and top off with blazer to get the classy look for wherever you go. Always make sure that you pair a shoe with a little heel with it and there you go!

4. Cardigans

Nothing achieves the sober look so well as wearing cardigans. Of course, you would want to wear a little of sleeves i.e. three-quarters or full to cover up the less toned arms and so cardigans fit the bill. With block colors to printed ones these go with anything and everything making it really easy and sorted for a daily wear.Dressing Tips For Over 50

5. Dresses

No age is too big to shy away from wearing dresses. The dress flaunts our body and makes us feel younger any day.So, no matter the size and shape of body – dresses look fabulous everytime. However, the choices have to be made carefully!

* Cotton dresses which fit well and have a simple look to it are the best to flaunt on a daily wear. These are fitted on the top and a bit flairy below the waist and thus make for a comfortable wear too!

* Wrap dresses are perfect when worn in three-quarter sleeves and knots belts which can be tied on the sides.

* Sheath dresses can be paired with cardigans or blazers to make the most!

6. Leather jacket

At every age one needs to own a leather jacket which flaunts their figure like never before. Leather jacket can instantly light up any outfit and make you ready for social gatherings, travels and more. Always keep one leather jacket of about the length to your waist to be ready with any plans that prop-up!

Fashion at 50s can be a little tricky when you are low on ideas of creating looks. But with the Women’s designer clothes coming up with customized collections from trendy women’s clothing brands finding the fit is indeed easy! Shop for what makes you the most comfortable and also lets you enjoy the latest trends in fashion! Because 50s is the beginning of new fashion choices and not the end of it!

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