How Do You Know Which Is The Best Primer For Your Skin Type?

By admin | December 24, 2017

One of the most crucial steps of applying makeup is the application of the primer and the base. This is not the only step that should not be skipped, making every step important for a complete look. Every woman has a different skin type and time and to buy primer which is best for your skin may take some expert opinion and definitely practice. The best kind of primer blends smoothly with the skin tone and won’t stand out, looking odd.

There are various factors and ingredients in a primer which makes it look the way it looks like. The ingredients and the texture make it applicable. Whether someone wants a matte look or glossy effect, the primer helps in the decision making. Primers enhance the skin quality and help to protect your makeup from long durations of chemical exposure. best primer for your skin typeAnother most important use of a primer is how it prolongs the duration of your makeup. Sometimes even all through the day and night.

The deciding factors to buy your next primer

There area few factors to keep in mind when buying a primer. For example, someone with large pores on their skin would probably need to conceal them before finishing the look. A pore coverage primer helps in these conditions. Enlarged pores are hidden perfectly, giving your skin a smooth velvety finish. There are certain products which combine both a highlighter as well as a primer in a bottle. This kind of products derive a dual purpose and transforms the skin in the most unexpected ways. Complete coverage for blemishes and a smooth silky skin. Another very important function of a primer is skin protection. Choose a primer for yourself which has good healing properties enriched with vitamins. This helps the skin to heal beneath the layers of makeup. This helps the skin breathe a little and in the long run protects it from harmful environmental effects and chemicals of your makeup. It is very important this, to choose a brand which is reputed, reviewed and even though it may be costly, it’s worth it.

The next thing to keep in mind while buying a primer is its timed effect. Certain primers stay for the entire day and sometimes even the night. This is perhaps the best part of applying makeup- to know that your makeup is contained and stays through your hectic day.

For people who have excessively oily skin, a matte effect primer can be used. This type of primer acts as a blotting paper and soaks up all the oil, making your makeup safe and long lasting. Dewy skin is beautiful, not oily. Primers take care of this. The skin stays very soft and lustrous, giving it a satiny finish.

For a little older skin, primers should be selected such that they help in wrinkle coverage. This ensures that fine lines and deadly wrinkles are hidden when applying makeup. A good blend of antioxidants along with other essential nutrients makes the skin heal and give good coverage for retaining the makeup. Probiotics too help in enriching the skin with its anti-aging properties, helping in skin turnover and cell regeneration.

Primers keep the skin hydrated for drier skin types and thus prevents it from drying up.

Choose what you need for your skin wisely. Skin is the most precious organ which needs to be protected as good as the rest of the body. Make sure you treat like your shrine, giving it whatever it needs, whenever. Hydrate it and nourish it like the way it should be.

Hyperpigmentation to dark spots and everything in between can be hidden with the aid of primers. It is fine to burn a hole in your pocket and purchase a good primer. It is a one-time thing and primers usually last for a very long time. It’s worth it and is the best makeup investment.

Make a wise choice and transform your makeup regimen. Carry the most beautiful skin you could ever have and make your colleagues and friends gape in awe.