How To Make Lip Gloss At Home

By admin | March 27, 2019

The best thing about opting for a homemade lip gloss is that you can exercise maximum flexibility while deciding on the flavor, scent, and color without burning a hole in your wallet. Other than catering to your very own beauty requirements, these homemade lip glosses can also serve as lovely gift options.

Today, we are going to take you through this entire process of how to make lip gloss using just natural ingredients.

Easy Gloss

If you are thinking about  how to make lip gloss in a simple and easy fashion, then you can proceed by melting some petroleum jelly in a microwave safe bowl and stirring it well so that it gains a runny and smooth consistency. Next, you can add a few drops of your favorite extract or essential oil like vanilla, rose, almond, lavender, cinnamon etc.

You can hike up the shine quotient of your lip gloss by pouring in some honey. This also imparts a sweet taste to the same for those ultra-kissable lips. Honey is also accredited with moisturizing properties which can condition your lips for preventing the same from drying out.

It is also possible to proceed with an entirely different type of sweetener in the place of honey like maple syrup or sugar. However, the longevity of your lip gloss gets bottlenecked in such a case.

The entire mixture has to be blended well until all its ingredients gain a smooth finish. You can exercise flexibility over its smell or taste by adding in more essential oil or sugar substitutes. For colored lip glosses, you can add in a minimal amount of food coloring.

The mixture can either be allowed to set in room temperature or placed inside the refrigerator for being cooled down. You can apply this lip gloss either with an applicator brush or by using your fingers.

Rosy Gloss

This gloss can be made by melting beeswax along with coconut oil in the microwave for a minute until it gains a runny consistency. However, you should refrain from heating it for too long as that can turn the color to black.

It is advisable to heat the mixture over 30 seconds’ interval with slight stirring action in between. The next step of how to make lip gloss comprises of adding the nourishing Vitamin E oil into the mixture.

It has to be followed up with five drops of your favorite essential oil. The flavor of your lip gloss will bear a directly proportional relationship with the strength of the oil. Thus, you should limit its application to just 2-3 drops especially while going ahead with a heavily scented oil like Jasmine.

In the next step, you will have to add in your chosen food coloring. Apart from the staple shade options, you can even mix different shades in varying proportions for coming up with a shade of your choice. Alternatively, you can also break off a piece of your favorite lipstick and pour it inside the mixture.

Once the mixture cools down, you can transfer it to small and ergonomic containers and label them for easy demarcation in case you are thinking about gifting the same to your relatives during winter.

Peppermint Gloss

This type of lip gloss tends to harden pretty quickly and thus you need to keep the containers handy for being poured instantly. If you are thinking about how to make lip gloss, then you can proceed easily with the same by heating 1 tablespoon of chopped beeswax at room temperature and mixing it with 2 tablespoons olive oil, 2 tablespoons coconut oil and 5 drops peppermint oil.

You can add in another teaspoon of coconut oil for an oilier gloss, whereas just 2-3 drops of peppermint oil can have your back if you wish for a subtler mint flavor. Usually, it takes just 2 hours for the lip gloss to set. You can also keep it overnight for a better texture and use it for shinier and softer lips from the next day.

Glitter Gloss

You can easily make this lip gloss by melting some lipstick in a microwave safe bowl and mixing it with some petroleum jelly and non-toxic glitter. All the ingredients will have to be combined well and poured in a gloss tube for adding a dash of sparkle to your lips whenever you desire.


Once you have figured out how to make lip gloss, you have to clean your lips for applying the same. Overexposure to sun and pollution can cause our lips to get flaky making it cumbersome to smoothly apply lip gloss. You can opt for a drugstore lip scrub or mix in sugar and lemon juice for getting rid of the dead skin cells.

If you wish to apply some lipstick, then you will have to line your lips first and follow it up with some gloss starting from the center of your bottom lip and dragging it till the edge. You can blot excess lip gloss with a tissue and take on the beauty scene with your sexy pout.