How To Dress Up Like A Stylish On Your Own

By admin | August 9, 2018

Ogling at those stylists wondering how and when will you look like that, isn’t it? You’ve stared at celebrities and thought to yourself how do they manage to rock an oversized tee- shirt with a pair of tights. Its really not that difficult. Yes, even you can turn heads as you walk out of your door wearing the perfect combination of clothes and makeup. Keep calm and read this article and know all about fashion and how you will end up looking as if you hired a stylist.

The touch of faux fur.

Black can never go out of trend. So, pull out your black dress. Layers are extremely sexy and nothing will pair well with your black dress than a funky and fuzzy jacket made out of fur. how to dress up wellYou must remember makeup should be done in a way that it compliments your outfit. To maintain the balance apply a shade of lipstick that has a touch of orange or ruby. When you’re highlighting your lips, make sure your eyes aren’t smokey. Let all the focus be on your lips.

There is nothing like Black.

Nothing, absolutely nothing works wonders more than a black dress. Be it your traditional black gown or a sexy little one. Your make up with this outfit is very important to ace up your look. Choose your eyes and make them pop. Apply black eyeliner on both your lower and upper lash lines. Go for smokey or smudged eyeshadow. If your hand trembles and you’re not confident about how to do it, Choose the easy road. Apply primer before putting on any makeup. Give it a few minutes and then apply a neutral shade of eyeshadow with a flat brush from the inward corner of the eye to the outward area now with a brown eyepencil draw a hashtag. Now smudge it well. Don’t forget to add volume to your lashes by applying mascara. When your are making the statement choose to have nude lips.

Look natural.

The minute you mix and match clothes and your makeup you’re heading straight into disaster territory. Choose one feature of your face and highlight it. Be it smokey eyes or bold eyes or just some highlights on your cheek bones.

When you’ve the same shade on your eyes that is present on your eyelids it will never look good. When you’re wearing a multicoloured dress you can get away with wearing a shade on your lips and a different one on your eyes.
Brown clothes look great with a combination of brown and pink shade of makeup. Smokey blue-gray eyeshadow will look amazing with bright blue dresses. Shades of pink or peach with your coral tops and dark, bold lipstick with a your ruby or crimson red dress.

Wear your coral dress.

When you wear your dress that is made out of coral you can have a diverse choice in to dress up smartly

Highlight your cheeks with a blend of apricot and golden blush that will give your cheeks the perfect touch of gold that is required for your outfit to stand out. Make sure you merge it well in circular motion reaching to the temples of your face and get the perfect glow for your cheekbones. Apply a little bronzer right under your cheekbones and smudge it well. You can use a fluffy brush.

You want a dramatic statement for your eyes then add the glamour to them with a combination of smoky eyes and a little highlight of gold on them. A little bit of champagne shade of eyeshadow on your inner eyes will look great too. Not too fond of smokey eyes then choose turquoise shade along with winged eyeliner.

Shimmer or nude lips will do the trick for your lips.

Blue is the color for you.

One of the ways to pair your blue dress is by wearing makeup that is a counterpart of this colour which is orange or red. Prep your face with facewash, moisturizer, your shade of foundation and concealer to deal with blemishes and spots. Let your cheeks look natural and apply a cream based blush in plum or pink colour on the apples of your cheeks and blend it towards your ears. Smokey eyes or metallic shades on your eyelids will do the wonder with winged eyeliner. Keep the tone of your lips nude.

If you’re wearing cooler shades of blue then go for tones that are deep red, coral, peach or brown. If you’re wearing warmer shades of blue then choose a tone that has a touch of purple to it.

Let’s hope these combinations help you bag the look you to dress up dress