How To Identify Your Body Type And Dress Accordingly?

By admin | June 22, 2018

You might have had a shopping experience in which you looked at a dress in the store, walked towards it, wanted to buy it, tried it but walked out with a sad face simply because that dress looked awful at you and the same dress looked very nice on your friend. It is simply because that was not designed for your body type which is different from your friends. But don’t lose heart, as there are clothes designed for different body types and you just need to know your body type and dress accordingly to enjoy that beautiful look you always want to.

Read the article and know how to dress according to your body type….

1. Pear-shaped body type

How to identify: All in the lower part of the body – Wider hips, Waist larger than the bust, most curvaceous body.Pear Shaped Body Type

What you should wear:

  • Include fitted and structured tops with cowl-necks, bell-sleeves, and scoop necks.
  • A-line, waist length jackets should look good.
  • Give a slender look to your upper body by wearing A-line dresses with open backs and dramatic sleeves.
  • Pick bottoms with dark colors and subtle style.
  • Accessorize with bigger ear rings which will make you look great.


Must Haves:

Off-the-shoulder fit and flare dress, A-line skirt, embellished top, structured jacket, boot-cut pants,

2. Inverted Triangle

How to identify: Bust and shoulder wider than the hips, most athletic looking body

What you should wear:

  • Wear clothes which will help your shoulders to look slimmer and bring the focus to your legs.
  • Clothes which have a natural v look will suit your body and hence go for a straight cut or skinny jeans, and pencil skirts.

Must Haves:

Fitted jackets, tops, and dresses with sleeves or thicker straps, skirts, and pants

3. Rectangle shaped body

How to identify: Well-balanced from shoulder to hips, all the 3 hips, shoulder, and waist are of roughly the same size.

What you should wear:

  • Your arms and legs are great and hence focus on showing them off.
  • Halter styles and anything strapless will help to draw attention to the muscular arms and defined shoulders.
  • A-line, fitted and structured coats can give an amazing look.
  • Wear a halter style jumpsuit or a dress and show off your back. Wear skirt of any type, you need not think before buying one of any shape and style.

Must Haves:

Apple Shaped Body TypeSleeveless and strapless tops and dresses, A-line skirts, long jackets.

4. Apple shaped body type

How to identify: Generally well-proportioned, Upper body heavier than the lower, most of the weight concentrated around the mid-section through the bust, broad shoulders.

What you should wear:

  • You should start from the tops and buy tops like flowy tunics, v neck, relaxed button-ups.
  • Need not worry about the sleeves length and wear as per your comfort from sleeveless to strapless or full sleeves too.
  • Add layers by wearing a jacket or coat that are hip length.
  • Dresses will look great on you, don’t shy to add some dresses like strapless, maxi, wrap dress, A-line to your wardrobe.
  • Try skinny jeans and leggings for your bottom wear.
  • Don’t forget your accessories.

Must Haves:

Swing coat, a flowy top, circle skirt with a high waist, shift dress, straight-leg pant with low waist

5. Hour shaped glass body

How to identify: Curvy body, Shoulder, and hips measure almost the same, a defined and smaller waist, slimmer lower body and weight concentrated around the middle.

What you should wear:

  • Wrap tops, Peplum blouses, tailored tops and tops with v neck, round neck or boat neck are a must try. Elbow-length sleeve or even a tank top should look good.
  • Add a jacket which helps you to show off your waist and one with elastic waistbands.
  • High waist, skinny jeans, and leggings will perfect and if you wish to show off your flat tummy, you can also go for low waist hip-hugging bottoms.

Must Haves:

Crop top, Jacket with a belt, a wrap dress, pants having wide legs and a belt, a pencil skirt.

You need not worry anymore if a particular dress doesn’t fit you, just follow these guidelines, identify your body type, and choose your clothes accordingly. And then you can feel great in the looks that you love and make your body type look its absolute best.Hour Shaped Glass Body Inverted Triangle Body Shape Rectangle Shaped Body