How To Style It Right After Crossing The Golden Age Of 60

By admin | August 20, 2018

Dressing with bang-on style at all times might prove out to be an extremely difficult task which can attain a whole new level of difficulty once you cross over the age parameter of 60 years. We understand how difficult it gets to tame the feisty fashionista in you when everything available in the shopping racks are specifically earmarked for your daughters and grand-daughters. In spite of the fashion world being primarily focused on the young lasses, you can definitely manage to create timeless looks by following our expert advice pertaining to fashion for women over 60 which is bound to take you a step closer to your ultimate style goals.

    • With age comes maturity and experience. You might have had a fair share of the same while trying to channel out various styles over time which positions you strongly ahead of the ones which look the best on you. Rather than sticking to what looks good on most of the people, you should try to maintain an individualistic style by striking the right cord of harmony between what flatters your body and the types of garments you like to sport.
    • fashion tips for 60 year old woman
    • Experts of fashion for women over 60 feel that it is absolutely right to go a little risqué at times since the looks which did feel too adventurous might blend in seamlessly with your personality thus taking the shape of your “IT” wear. If you feel intrigued by an outfit, then don’t think twice about trying it on. Then again if wearing it makes you feel uncomfortable such as too much leg or cleavage exposure, then you shouldn’t force yourself into the same.

  • Fashion for women over 60 imparts greater importance to comfort over fashion. You can easily say hello to sandals or flats if the steep heels are causing pain in your ankles. An A-liner maxi dress would look just an elegant if you think that tight pants might make you wriggle uncomfortably on the day long outing.
  • You can easily figure out what suits you best by collating examples of various styles you come across. This can even mean putting together a scrapbook containing clippings you have gathered from magazines or by pinning images on Pinterest. Browsing through these items is bound to provide you with inspiration before embarking on the next shopping tips for 65 year old woman
  • Getting your hands on clothes which come with the perfect fit surely feels amazing. But this is not the case when it comes to fashion for women over 60. Rather than being heartbroken on not finding something which fits you right, it is better to invest in a good tailor who can adjust your favorite clothes to your body size.
  • The best thing about trends is that they change every year. If you couldn’t catch up with the current year’s trends or it didn’t go with your overall personality, then you can definitely keep you hope high for the coming year.
  • If you are facing any difficulty in finding the right size at local stores, then you can readily seek out the help of online shopping portals which offer a larger selection and at slashed down rates.
  • Having some basic essentials might bring about a big difference in your wardrobe by helping you in blending style with comfort. Jeans can be your best option as they can be paired up with a variety of tops while making you feel ultra-pampered with its skin friendly fabrics. You can consider midrise boot cut denims having the hemline about 1/8 inch off the tips for 70 year old woman
  • You can team up flat ballet slippers, moccasins loafers or kitten heels along with straight leg jeans or dark denim midrise which can even be tucked into tall boots if you like to keep yourself well-guarded against the chilly weather.
  • A pair of white jeans having boot or straight leg cut can be paired up with a tunic top or wedge sandals to take on warm weather. Experts of fashion for women over 60 also suggest wearing a straight leg jeans along with a longer jacket. However, you should make sure to match your underwear with your skin tone and not the white pants.
  • Women above 60 can invest in well-fitted dress pants having lightweight wool blend and in the hues of charcoal, black or navy for being worn with a t-shirt, pretty silk blouse, jacket, tank top or a cardigan.
  • A fitted jacket which is neither too snug and reaches up to hip length can be paired up with skirts, jeans, pants, dresses and many more. Although black is considered to be the go-to color for jackets, you can also try out the ones in the shades of cream and navy.
  • Our discussion regarding fashion for women over 60 simply cannot come to an end if we don’t talk about leather jackets cropped at the waist which can impart a sexy yet classy look.
  • Skirts are extremely comfortable to wear and blends in marvellously with a large number of tops. You can bring home a versatile black pencil skirt which can be paired up with black tights and high wheels or mid-size heel, boots or wedges. This can also be paired up with a cropped multi-coloured jacket or a long tank one.
  • Cardigans can bring along adequate layering to impart a polished look which is bound to turn heads wherever you go. Cardigans can be of great aid in making lighter clothes seem apt for lower temperatures. Three quarter or long sleeves ending at the hips can serve as a potent option for cardigans. Longer cardigans look beautiful when paired with pants or straight leg jeans although the same cannot be said about pairing it up with skirts.

One of the biggest myths about elder women is that they are no more interested in feeling sensual, beautiful or stylish. They are believed to become sexless and matronly thus bidding adieu to the colourful chapters of fashion from their life. But the reality is an exact opposite of this situation as 60 is the new sexy where independent women are flaunting their fashion gigs and keeping the younger lot gape at them open-mouthed. Coupled with a stronger sense of self and better self-confidence, these divas are completely transforming fashion for women over 60.