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Know These Dress Codes And Wear Your Heart Out With Confidence!

By admin | January 24, 2018

As we are advancing in every field of life, so is the clothing industry touching new heights with trends changing every other day. People have started sending out invitations for events and have a particular dress code mentioned on it. Now to wear that is required one needs to decode and know those dress codes, right? Did you ever get stuck in any such dress code decoding situation? Even if not, get prepared for any such invitation if you get one in future. Do not worry and get to know what types of clothes you should wear according to the dress codes mentioned and save yourself from the embarrassment which you otherwise might have to face.

Read on to know about some of the common and basic dress codes….

1. Dressy Casual

This is to be worn when you are going to church, a dinner or have been invited by someone over an email or a phone call.Casual Dresses

For Men: Trouser, shirt, loafer or a slip-on shoe and tie (optional). To get more grace pair it up with a blazer or a casual coat. Make sure you do not turn up in a shabby look wearing a size bigger or smaller shirt which is un-ironed and of mismatching colors.

For Women: Pants or skirts paired up with a pair of flats and some accessories. Make sure not to wear that regular denim and tees.

2. Smart Casual

Dress in your smart casual when going for business lunch, or office parties and happy hours.

For Men: Trousers with a collared shirt and a pair of loafers.

For Women:Pants or pencil skirt with a silk top and high trending heels.

3. Country Club Casual

This is to be worn when you are going for dinner at some nice restaurant or at your friend’s home, the country club or the cruise lines.

For Men: A Polo t-shirt with khaki pant, shoes, and belt.

For Women: A Polo t-shirt or a simple dress or a skirt. Try to accessories as minimum as possible.

4. Business Casual

Do not forget to put on your business casual when you have to go for a business lunch meeting, a company party or even to your daily work if your professional environment demands that.

For Men: A Polo shirt paired with trousers or khakis. To give it a more formal look put on a blazer or a coat and a tie (optional).

For Women: Dress pants, khakis or a skirt with a full or a three fourth sleeve top. A casual dress with a pair of flats is also a good option.

5. Cocktail Attire

Social events taking place in the evening or birthday or other celebration parties of adults give you a chance to slip on your gorgeous cocktail dresses.Casual Dresses For Work

For Men: Choose the attire depending on the atmosphere and the people joining in. A pair of dark jeans with a jacket or a dark suit, coat with a tie should be enough to make you stand out at the cocktail party.

For Women: A black dress is an all time fit for a cocktail party and always looks classy. A short dress with a little frill and accessorized should make a great cocktail attire.

6. Lounge

This dress code is generally for events which take place at daytime like a business breakfast, an engagement party or an afternoon tea.

For Men: A white shirt with French cuff under a dark colored suit looks great. You can optionally add a tie or preferably a vest to add a pinch of informal look.

For Women: A dress slightly above the knee but not very shiny or revealing will be appropriate for a brunch or tea. Depending on the weather, cover your arms with a jacket or a shawl.

So, do not panic the next time you need to go to an event which has a dress code stated in the invitation. Now that you know those dress codes, wear that is required according to the occasion and enjoy the event with full confidence. Don’t forget to wear your heart out and still not look out of the place!

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