Learn How To Dress Up And Rock It For Every Occasion

By admin | July 5, 2018

No idea what to wear and when? You look around and find people dressed accurately for the occasion and in your head you wonder when will you ever learn? Aren’t you worried for nothing?

Yes, dear you are!

With this article you can learn all about clothes and the occasion for which you’re supposed to be prepared. So, pull up your sleeves and get ready to rock the look.

Gym.Learn how to dress up for every occasion

  • As important as your health and fitness regime is you really need to wear accordingly. Your active-wear should be light as it needs to keep you comfortable. So, buy a really light and pure cotton sweatshirt, tee or a tank top that will not prevent the heat from escaping when it is produced.
  • To support your breasts during an intense workout, make sure you wear sports bra to provide you the support and comfort.
  • Yoga pants are a blessing to mankind. So do your workout in track pants, shorts or sweatpants. If you’re in love with your toned legs then grab those shorts and if you’re not comfortable showing too much skin then cover them up. No matter what you do keep in mind the purpose of the pants is to let you stretch and give you flexibility.
  • Running shoes are the ones you need no matter what you are doing, cardio or strength training.


  • You want to maintain the workplace environment and ethnicity but also rock that office look. So, go ahead and wear that cropped cashmere blazer or inky blue jacket or long cardigans with belts. When you add a layer to your formal shirt, you look you’re much more in power and control.
  • Messy is something that will not be appreciated in your workplace. Don’t look clumsy and fix any flaw before you head out. Be it the coffee stain, lack of buttons or the broken zipper.
  • Your undergarments can’t peak out as well.
  • Never wear sneakers to office. Although heels are extremely trendy if you can’t bear the pain then go for pointy shoes for that sleek look.
  • Another thing to remember is the length of your clothes in office, try not to expose too much skin as it might give out the wrong idea or might be the cause of a malfunction you don’t want.

Party Time.

Be it your own party or someone else’s you really need to know how to dress up. What to wear for that fun night?

  • Bold colored shoes. Say, pumps or stilettos that currant, crimson, ruby, mahogany, blood or wine red. When you’re trying to focus on the shoes make sure you’re contrasting it with chic and plain white, baby pink or cream colored shirt and black denims.
  • The party is not at night? How about a dress? It can be summer dress with a slim belt and sandals.
  • It is a college party you are attending. Wear that turtleneck black cropped sweater with ripped ankle length jeans and high boots.


  • Even though you’re not the center of attraction today, there is no rule against looking like a diva and rock that look. So, go ahead.
  • Wear a sleeveless solid colored maxi dress in dark grey.
  • A crimson or blood red, tie sleeve, body hugging dress will rock that wedding you are planning to attend.
  • A black draped cocktail dress with a front slit and high heels, and a clutch is your ideal and classy way to make the entrance you plan to.
  • Make sure you accessorize yourself right with some diamonds or custom jewelry.

First Date

Finally, you have got that date with your crush and now you’re dreading it? The pressure and anxiety to look good and make that impression on him that will last in his mind for the rest of his life? Here is how you will do it.

  • Remember the ‘golden rule’ that simplicity and comfort are the key to look good. You must be comfortable in whatever you wear.
  • Plan out the date and dress accordingly. If the date is at night there is no harm to slip into something sexy like that of a sleeveless dress. Do check the ambiance of the place you’ll be going to.
  • Wear what looks amazing on you.
  • A pair of faded or ripped jeans with your all time favorite shirt or tee and sneakers and his heart and attention will be yours.

No matter where you go don’t forget to look fashionable. Dress accordingly and see how you’ll turn heads and create the buzz you have always wanted to.

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