Methods Of Tackling Makeup Stain; Easy Ways To Remove Foundation Patches

By admin | October 10, 2017

How many times do we come across a beautiful dress at a store and simply try it on? What happens when you change back in, you find a lipstick stain or foundation remarks on the new dress? Every woman who loves wearing makeup every day will have a bundle of dresses spoiled by makeup patches. Sometimes when the stains are light a quick wash removes the patch, but when it’s on a white shirt, or subtle colored clothes the stain refuses to leave. If you’re thinking that there’s no way of getting rid of this, you’re wrong.

Use powder to coat cream makeups

For preventing the makeup stains from smudging onto women’s designer clothes, modify your makeup routine. Getting Out A Makeup StainCream-based makeup products tend to remain a little dewy on the top; it never fully gets absorbed into the skin. If you have an already dry skin and cannot shift to using powder based makeup, simply coat the different layers. Using a setting spray and translucent powder between each coat of makeup application is necessary for preventing it from smudging. If you’re wearing a white dress, avoid wearing dark colored lipstick. Lipstick stains, especially lip glosses tend to stick to the clothes easily, and the stain tends to remain for a longer time.

The best way of preventing makeup stains from sticking onto affordable women’s clothing is wearing waterproof makeup products. Cream-based waterproof makeup helps the makeup particles seep into the skin, and helps it stay on for a longer time. Until and unless the weather is too dry or hot, your makeup would not easily lose its firmness on the skin. Wearing a waterproof primer or foundation, followed by a dusting of lose compact is essential for the makeup to remain in place. It prevents the makeup from becoming dewy and therefore prevents stains on clothes. Wearing waterproof mascara and line followed by a makeup settlement spray is necessary from getting black or blue stains on clothes.

Ways to remove makeup

Makeup stains are tough to remove; stains on light colored clothes are extremely difficult to get rid of. You come home and see a big lipstick stain on your dress, you immediately put it into the washing machine, but there are a few steps you need to follow before you do that.

Using a detergent wipe to see the reaction between the cleaning agent and your clothes’ material is a good way of preventing clothes from getting spoiled. Using the wipe on the stained area will also give you an approx. washing time required.

If it’s a dark colored stain, and you know it will not come off in a single wash, use detergent wipes again. Running the wipe on the stained area in a circular motion helps the top layer of the stain to wash away. There are always better chances of the residual stain getting wiped out in a single wash now. How To Remove A Makeup Stain FastWhy should you avoid multiple washing? Not only does multiple washing cause the stain to spread, it also affects the material of the cloth.

After rubbing the stained area with wipes, try and hold it under cold water, or in a faucet and keep spooning the area. Holding the stained material under low-intensity cold water helps the stain come off even easily. Using paper towels instead of cloth towels to pat the area dry before throwing the dress in the washer is a must. It absorbs the initial dewy makeup left on the stained top. Dish soap is also considered as an effective treatment for removing stains from clothing for curvy ladies. If you’re skeptical about the kind of reaction on your material, test it by trying a small amount on the corner of the dress. Trying out the reaction before applying it on materials like wool or silk is necessary.

Instant cleansing

What happens when you’re at a party and you see a patch of foundation on your shoulders? You obviously will find it difficult to go through the evening without anyone noticing the patch. What do you do in situations such as these? A common mistake is to use paper napkins or handkerchiefs to wipe off foundation patches. The texture of foundation allows it to gently glide through the surface of the cloth while wiping and makes the stain even more visible.

Replace your regular napkin for removing stains with credit cards or dull-edged knives. Lift off as much solid off the surface, and then rub the area with a little hand soap or wet tissue. Then finally rinse it with a little water from your hands and use a dry paper napkin to blot the liquid. You will notice that the visibility of the stain has reduced approximately by 80%.

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