Not Enough Clothes? How About Wearing The Same One In Different Ways?

By admin | January 24, 2018

Your pain is real. Even though your closet is about to burst open or your second wardrobe, earlier known as the ‘armchair’ has no more room in it to accommodate any further piece of garment. You, my dear friend, are out of clothes every single day and run around like a headless and clueless chicken before you have to head out. So, why not learn how to wear the same outfit your hand reaches out to all the time.

* Black, Black and Black.

OK. Stop dreading the office party you’ve to attend. No budget for buying something to go out in? Wear the same old black tee with your black pants attended boots. Add some fur or a really simple clutch with some junk jewellery along with a multi coloured neck piece to add glamour to your dress.Wearing Clothes In Different Ways

* Show them or cover them up.

Take out that dress you’ve been feeling you wear all the time. You can add leggings to it when you’re bored of wearing it as a dress. If you’ve a whole lot of collection then you can wear it everyday with different shades and if you’ve only the essential shades (white, black and grey). Then team it up with these. You’ll look amazing even in fishnet stocking, yoga pants or even tights.

* Bold and beautiful, everyday.

You love that look in that pencil skirt and top with short sleeves. And, you’ve run out of excuses to wear it over and over again. How about pairing that skirt with a bold coloured top and adding a slim belt to it? Try to wear neutral or similar shade of shoes.
If it is too feminine for you, then change the look and wear the same skirt with an always in hand grey tee. Add some colourful jacket and head for those boots these time.

* Two-in-one purpose.

Heading towards office but constantly wondering what to do about the night out later with your pals? How will you switch from professional to fun-loving? Wear your favourite black cocktail dress and for that “office look” wear a formal shirt underneath it with rolled up sleeves. You’re ready to rock both worlds with some bold lipstick and high heels.

* Cardigans, Jackets or Scarves.

Your black dress looks killer but you are worried people will start wondering what’s with the same dress? So, go for a cropped leather or denim jacket with it, may be an open cardigan, or just some chic and trendy scarf around your neck. You’re ready to rock the same dress again.

* Same dress different weather.

Yes, you can wear your same clothes now even when the weather changes. Your favourite striped dress will now accompany you all year long. Wear some patterned or printed tights underneath it to keep your legs warm and also in style. You can wear a turtleneck underneath your dress or go for some army jacket and high length boots. Ditch the jacket, boots and turtleneck and wear the same dress with some funky neon coloured neck piece and slippers or sandals. Add the slim belt for the extra effect.

* Stripe it up, dear.

The beauty of stripes and your undying love for it is justifiable. Wear the same dress in different ways.

1. Wear it with some beige coloured bellies and some bright and vibrant piece of jewellery in contrast with the dress.

2. A slim belt with a sleeveless bottle green jacket and a shoulder bag and a pair of flats.

3. Denim jackets, cropped blazers or cardigans in dark shade will go as well. Wear pumps this time.

* Belts.

A belt can give the dress the voice it needs to stand out and make some noise. Slim belts, printed belts, patterned belts or belts with a big buckle in the center can change the look of your dress altogether. So, choose wisely.

You already have a lot of clothes in possession. Instead of buying new ones, re-use and re-wear the same old ones with new twists and enjoy fashion.

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