Cheap Jerseys  Steal The Show With Confidence, Wear What Is Expected!

Steal The Show With Confidence, Wear What Is Expected!

By admin | January 25, 2018

Everyone wants to look different, and unique so as to get attention wherever they go. But sometimes while doing that people generally forget what they are supposed to wear when and where and end up being nothing more than a joke in the crowd. They, of course, get the attention but not the way they wanted. You might be wishing nothing of this sort ever happens to you, right?

Read the article to know more and steal the show with confidence….

1. Public speakingDressing Up Like An Element

The event is all about how you speak but do not ignore the dressing element which definitely gets recorded in the minds of the listener. You should wear something which your audience can easily accept and not distract their attention. You cannot expect the audience to look at you and listen if you stand there wearing a neon colored dress. Wear cool, soothing, and calm colors and preferably monochrome. Getting full dressed in a single color is another trend these days.

2. Casual events

It may be a dinner party or just meeting your colleagues but you still cannot afford to wear anything that you feel like. It may not be a formal event but it is an important meet for you after all. Girls have a lot of option when it comes to casual wear. For boys, a pair of jeans with a t-shirt or simply a tucked in shirt with a tie on will be good to go.

3. Funeral

This is where you ought to dress up very particularly as not doing this is considered a sign of disrespect. Look neat and groomed and a bit of formal touch should be there. Neon colored t-shirt or a red colored trouser or jean is obviously a big NO!

4. First date

It is a very important occasion for many as the person you are going to meet might become your life partner. Boys can go for a shirt and do not forget to carry a jacket if it is cold which might give you a chance to wrap it around her. Dressing ElementThe safest option for girls is to go for denim paired up with a decent tee or a single piece dress if you are comfortable carrying it. Choose the sporty or the trendy look as per your convenience and comfort and not just to show off.

5. VIP lounge or a nightclub

So, girls get dressed in your hottest backless dress to impress the boys out there. For the boys, just get dressed in your vintage clothes, and don’t tuck in your t-shirt or press the collar. Do some dance moves and have a chance to get hold of the numbers of a few ladies for sure. Wear good brands and what you can carry with style and confidence!!

6. Marriage

This is the occasion to flaunt fashion and show your glamour. It causes a burn in the pocket but the feeling of looking nice is worthless. Georgette or chiffon saris with a backless blouse are a must in your wardrobe. For guys, casual coats and sherwanis suffice the purpose. Wear the best but do not overpower the bride and the groom!!!

7. First day of college

To decide what to wear to college is the most difficult task it seems and when it is about the first day then it is no less than Hercules’s task. It is said that the first impression is the last impression and hence don’t take a chance and give your best. Try and look cute and beautiful and wear your best fabulous clothes to the first day.

8. Every day

Leave apart the special occasions, don’t you want to look attractive every day so as to catch the eyeballs of the opposite gender and experience the best feeling every day? Do not wait for the above-mentioned occasions, get a funky haircut, wear bright colors, cool t-shirts with jeans, loafers, sports shoes, and accessories. Wear what you feel is awesome and looks best on you.

With so many dress codes available it might be difficult to choose one but do not forget to choose according to the occasion, culture and your style preference. Consider the options mentioned above, evaluate them, choose and wear the best to boost up your confidence and steal the show!!!!

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