Top 7 Best Waterproof Eyebrow Pencils

By admin | July 17, 2019
The eyebrows are the most underestimated feature of your face. If you groom and fill your eyebrows in a proper way, they can become the reason for making you feel empowered and confident. But, most of the women usually do not give much attention to them as compared to lipstick, e


How To Apply Blue Eyeshadow Like A Pro

By admin | March 20, 2019
Be it the red carpet or runway, blue eyeshadow looks never fail to bring you under the spotlight. However, you need to be especially cautious while applying the same as one wrong move can lead to disastrous results. Steps Of Applying Blue Eyeshadow Start By Concealing You can h


Best Eye Makeup For Older Women To Draw Attention To Your Eyes

By admin | March 16, 2019
Growing age can make women vulnerable to wrinkles, dark circles and under eye bags, thus bringing down the radiance which was their characteristic feature a few years back. The right eye makeup for older women can, however, cover up all these blemishes to bring out that youthful